OUR MISSION:      The purpose of the Rotary Club of Oro Valley is to benefit our local and international communities by working together in trust and friendship.

OUR VISION:         Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — internationally, in our communities, and in ourselves.

Club Information
Rotary Club of Oro Valley meets on Thursday mornings at 7:00 AM and morning buffet starts at 6:45 AM. 
at the Holiday Inn Express located at 11075 N. Oracle Road, Oro Valley, Arizona 85737.
NOTE: Beginning Thursday, 2 May, 2024, the club is moving to its new location
in the Palm Room at Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort, 245 E Ina Rd, Oro Valley, Arizona 85704!
You can also join us virtually using our Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 830 3886 8976 Passcode: 85737
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             If you are a visiting Rotarian or someone interested in learning more about our club and our mission, we would love
                                   to have you join us for a meeting!  Contact Linda Stratton or Gerry McReynolds (email below left) for any information you may need.
What is Rotary
Improve people's lives locally and globally, through service
"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the Service of Others"
Mahatma Ghandi
Home Page Stories
On Thursday, 2 May, we will be moving the club meetings to the Palm Room at the Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort and Spa, 245 E Ina Road!  Westward Look will provide a larger, much more pleasant and attractive venue for our meetings and likely other events in hopefully a better location for attracting new members and will feature a buffet style breakfast with eggs, sausage or bacon, fresh fruit, coffee and water for our weekly meetings at $10/person.  The new meal charges, like the old meeting room charges, will be billed to each club member's semiannual dues for the period, whether attending meetings or not.  The club will pay for guest speakers, but members will be responsible for paying for their own guests.  Visiting Rotarians (including our Honorary '"snowbird" members) will also be asked to pay when attending club meetings.  Please let the Club President or other officer know NLT each prior Monday evening if you will (or if a club member, will not) be attending that Thursday to give us a more accurate meal count, as we must notify Westward Look 48 hours in advance of any change to our assumed 20-meal count.  The resort will also provide each member with a 20% discount card for hotel, restaurant and spa services!  Parking is available at the front of the hotel. 
-Story by Leo Lawrenson
Sean McClintock, Fatherhood Facilitator at Parent Aid, talked to the club on 11 April 2024 about his organization's efforts to fulfill its mission of “Preventing child abuse by strengthening families and our community” and its vision that “All children are raised in homes, knowing they are loved, cherished and cared for, by caregivers who can rely on and contribute to a community that appreciates and supports them”.
Sean presented a very enthusiastic and heartfelt summary of all the programs that Parent Aid uses with an aim to prevent child abuse. That goal involves proactively working to break the cycle of abuse. He is a single parent of an eight-year-old daughter and first became involved through participation in a weekly dad’s group.  Some examples of the programs Parent Aid offers are:
  • Safe Care – working weekly in the home with parents on parenting skills. Helping parents deal with the frustration of not knowing what to do. This program works with families who have children aged 18 months to 5 years.
  • Active Parenting – Sharing ways to be an effective parent. It is a group class on foundational parenting skills.  
  • Co-parenting classes, such as Pax Tools, to help parents with shared custody deal with this new and often awkward form of parenting.
  • A weekly dad’s group – Most dad’s experience has not prepared them for being a single dad. Dad’s need support as well as skills. The need for support is reflected in the statistic that single dads are eight times more likely to commit suicide than single mom’s.
  • Boot Camp for New Dad’s – How do you handle your new experience? What do you need to have with you and how do you deal with a diaper “blowout” in Target? 
  • Dad Share and Mom Share – How do your experiences being raised affect how you parent and try to handle and deal with parenting. How to be involved in your child’s life, such as, doctor’s visits and other health care, school activities, extra-curricular activities?
-Story and photos by Amos Meyers
To view Parent Aid's presentation. click HERE, and to visit their website, click HERE.
<- President-Elect Leo presents the Parent Aid honorarium check to Sean
At least within District 5500!  We're not only featured on the cover of the first D5500 Rotary in Action Quarterly, we were given THREE whole pages inside to show off some of our various service projects!  What an active, impactful club, and we truly do "Create Hope in the World" (and our community)!  Click on the cover page image or the publication name above to view it. 
-Story by Leo Lawrenson
On Friday, 4 April, I was invited and privileged to go to Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico with PDG Abe Feder of the Microcredit Project and the D5495 Tempe South Rotary Club and its 501(c)(3) Foundation, a nine-year-old Rotary Global Grant service project with FinReg, a Mexican company that makes small loans to lower income level individuals who own basically sole-proprietor, entrepreneurial companies.  The loans they have been making for over 12 years to over 25,000 entrepreneurs are focused on productive projects, serving the entire community, including those who live in rural areas, minority groups and ethnic groups.  

We travelled on Friday via a very comfortable Tufesa bus service motorcoach arriving about 4 hours from Tucson, checked into our clean but small hotel and then had a wonderful dinner at the home of Terri Ruiz Mendoza, Past President of the Club Rotario Hermosillo Milenio, which is the principal local partner Rotary Club for the Microcredit Project. Abe, Terri and members of FinReg and Rotario Milenio made presentations on the Project, including an excellent reason for microcredits video, Immigration, Poverty and Gumballs (short version), and slideshow, The Faces of MicrocreditWe learned that the Microcredit Project, although initially funded by three Rotary Global Grants in 2014, 2015, and 2016 totaling about $277,000 as an international project between the (then) three Arizona Rotary Districts and the Club Rotario Hermosillo Pitic in Mexico, is now a self-sustaining project with the repayments of the microcredit loans used to fund and administer over $4,000,000 in loans over the nine years- it truly is a never-ending story!
After months of planning, recruiting and processing restaurants and beverage vendors, reserving needed equipment and inflatables, soliciting sponsors and exhibitors, selling tickets, renting two U-Haul trucks and picking up the rental equipment from Phoeniz, organizing volunteers for the variety of positions at the event and prepping the event site at the Oro Valley Market Place, Mother Nature threw us a curve ball in the form of sustained winds of 20+ MPH with gusts of 40-50 MPH on Saturday, so our intrepid event chair, Dennis Breen, had to make the difficult and painful decision to postpone the event to as yet to be determined future date!  A flurry of phone calls, text messages and website postings ensued from various club members to inform ticket holders, restauranters, vendors and the press.  While we are all disappointed that the event had to be postponed, it was the correct decision- just look at the photo of another less fortunate local inflatable blowing away in the wind on Saturday! 
Following the regular club meeting on 4 April, TOVL Chair Dennis Breen led the members in a discussion of what to do about the 2024 event- postpone to later in April? postpone to October? Cancel until next year?  Cease doing the event altogether? 
  • After much sharing of ideas, the consensus seemed was to continue having the event but cancel for this calendar year and try again in the spring of 2025, perhaps looking at indoor venues to preclude the possibility of another wind/rain problem.   
  • Amos suggested that we take out an ad of some sort to thank this year's sponsors and ticket holders, most of both which have said they don't want refunds, and to thank the restaurants
  • Restaurants will also still be offered the $300 stipend promised for their participation in this year's TOVL to cover expenses they already had incurred. 
  • Those ticket holders who do NOT request refunds should now be able to use the entire cost of their tickets as a tax deduction.
  • A suggestion was made that we ask the restaurants if they would provide a free appetizer or something else to ticket holders who do not ask for refunds and who present their 2024 TOVL ticket at their establishments. 
  • Members who sold tickets can refund that money, collect the refunded tickets and get reimbursed by the club, or first ask Stacey for the funds to do the refunding. Stacey will handle all requests made online for ticket refunds (only about 15 requests, so far).
  • It was also agreed that we should conduct an online auction this year to help defray the loss of revenue by cancelling the event, and Barbara McClure will handle doing that.  
  • Our stated beneficiaries will still get benefit this year from the proceeds of the sponsorships, unrefunded ticket sales ans silent auction AFTER expenses have been paid.
You can still see the 2024 event details, including the notice of cancellation and what we're telling everyone about refunds, on the TOVL website HERE.  Please also use the lists of sponsors and restaurants to go to them and show your appreciation for their support!
The club presentation on 4 April was by MeMe Aguila of We Care Tucson, which collects used technology, i.e. computers, monitors, cell phones, and even medical equipment. They sort the donations, refurbish what they can, and recycle what they can't use - helping to keep all of these devices out of our local landfills.  Several members brought their surplus tech (after erasing any sensitive data!) to the meeting to donate.  
We Care Tucson started its life in 1998 as World Care, but to build on their focus in Tucson it became We Care Tucson in 2020. Their main mission is to provide access to certain medical needs and technology to those who would be unable to purchase them. The goal is to remove barriers to accessing technology and medical needs.
On the medical side they cover wheelchairs and walkers to bed pads and incontinence products, the last being a most critical need. In 2023 they served more than 2,600 people with more than 6 semi-truck loads of medical supplies. Unfortunately, more could have been served if more supplies were available. MeMe shared the story of one lady who came from a distance for disposable bed pads. MeMe suggested washable pads, which were available, as an alternative. The problem being that the lady had no running water/plumbing.
One thing We Care Tucson does to encourage donations of medical supplies is they basically take it all. No need to check a list of yes or no. They sort what they can use and redirect the other materials to a channel that can use it.  On the technology side, again they take almost any technology, NO tube TV’s/monitors, and use what they can and recycle what is not usable. They take items such as laptops and desktop computers, phones and tablets, routers, printers and even unused printer ink cartridges. They use these recycled tech items in a number of ways. They have a resale shop for inexpensive purchases, including a way for those unable to afford such items for jobs or study to purchase them. They also run a summer youth tech camp, for 6,7, and 8th graders, covering things such as building a computer, visits to data centers and cyber security facilities. At the end of the week each participant gets a laptop.
During the questions and answer period several suggestions were offered as to new connections to make for supplies and Barbara McClure offered to coordinate Impact’s supplies with We Care’s possible needs. Great information and club members’ interest.  After the presentation President Linda presented MeMe with a check for $4,100 for We Care Tucson- $2,000 from the BNI Fashion Show fundraiser, $2,000 from the club’s foundation match and $100 honorarium for the presentation.  -Story by Amos Meyers
To view We Care Tucson's presentation. click HERE, and to visit their website, click HERE.
Margie Adler (left), Economic Development Specialist and Andrew Fairbanks (right), Tourism Strategies Coordinator, both with the Town of Oro Valley, spoke to the club on Thursday, 14 March 2024 about the economic vitality of Oro Valley including its support of businesses, new businesses in our town for 2023-24, the 50th anniversary of Oro Valley, tourism in our community including the tax revenue benefits, and "voluntourism"- a combination of volunteering and tourism.
One of Margie’s tasks, along with a goal of the town of Oro Valley is to build relationships with businesses in town. Among those businesses are primary employers, businesses whose products or services bring money from outside of the community into our town’s economy. Also, retail and other consumer facing businesses whose activities keep money circulating within the community. Add to that, start-ups and innovative companies, some who are “in home” style start-ups. Some of these are already up and running, but others need support and education for aspiring and new entrepreneurs. 
The economic plan calls for the mayor and Margie (the economic specialist) to call on 250 of the town’s businesses per year. Last year 271 of those visits were made. The town works closely with the chamber of commerce. Through their combined effort they conduct an annual business summit, with workshops on conditions and factors currently affecting our business community.  
Chooseorovalley.com is a site to help attract and supply information to businesses looking to relocate or add new business sites here in Oro Valley.
Finally, Margie shared about the Business Navigator on the town’s website. It lists every business in Oro Vally unless the business request to not be listed. Want to see a list of all the restaurants in Oro Valley go to the navigator. If you go to the presentation slides, there is a list of all the new businesses in Oro Valley in 2023. Did you know, an ALDI grocery store is coming to a location near Home Depot?
If the name Andrew Fairbanks sounds familiar, he has been a great help being the facilitator between the town and the club in planning this year’s club Taste event.  His primary responsibility is to attract tourists and events to Oro Valley, and help local businesses host those individuals and groups. This will also help bring “outside” dollars into the town’s economy.  
Our town has many factors that will attract visitors, hiking trails, historical sites, biking pathways, sporting venues, natural environment, proximity to other locales, to list a few factors. Recently Andrew was able to attract the Tucson Bike Classic to Oro Valley. It is hoped that similar steps can be taken to continue to be attractive to event planners.
The town partners with Arizona Tourism to promote visitors to the state and the town works in parallel to promote our town as a place to visit and stay while visiting attractions here and as a base to visit locations within a day’s travel. We have many factors that four of the main groups of tourist desire. Those groups are self-care seekers (those who already have a relatively healthy lifestyle and are seeking to enhance and expand upon their current well-being practices), families. luxury travelers, and outdoor adventurers.  
Another current trend is the opportunity for “voluntourism”, individuals and groups who want to help support the local communities of the destinations where they're visiting or meeting. Maybe there is an opportunity for a Rotary project contained in that experience. Did you know, the Blueberry Society of America just held their national meeting here in Oro Valley?  -Story by Amos Meyers
To view their presentation, click HERE.  To view the Town of Oro Valley website, click HERE
Our own member Barbara McClure, Executive Director of IMPACT of Southern Arizona (center left), spoke to our club on 7 Mar 2024 about the work of IMPACT, and along with Tina Bommarito (left) of IMPACT, received a check for $4,000 from the Oro Valley Rotary Foundation and the BNI 6FigureSuccess Fashion Fundraiser from Rotarians Emily Erickson (center right) and Club President Linda Stratton (right).  IMPACT's mission is "To empower Southern Arizonans with the resources required to pursue a stabilized and enhanced quality of life." 
Barbara spoke of the many ways that IMPACT is involved in the lives of area people and families to help them become more self-sufficient.
  • The number of people and families being served has doubled since the beginning of COVID.
  • Clients in over 50 different area zip codes are being served. In addition to clients from Pima county support is being given to families in the “Copper Corridor” north to Mammoth, in Pinal county.
  • In addition to the USDA once monthly emergency small supply of staples, Impact provides many other staples and nutritious foodstuffs. Also, clothing and necessities, books and small toys, are provided by our interact club for children who visit Impact.
Barbara shared the story of a mother who was able to provide a missed birthday party to her two teenaged boys when she found a birthday cake available at the Impact food bank, to which Barbara was able to add two remote controlled vehicles from a supply of donated items and resulting in a great day for a deserving family.  Story by Amos Meyers

Our Canyon del Oro Interact Club collected toys and games for IMPACT, which were given to Barbara after the meeting. 
To view IMPACT's website, click HERE

Empowering and Elevating Women in the Workplace

On 8 March, 2024, Rotary International is hosting a 60-minute panel discussion as a way to celebrate and recognize International Women’s Day, and we would love for you to join us!  

Click here to see the event details in your time zone.
Following the event, a recording will be available to everyone who registers.

Julia Young of Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) spoke to the club on 29 Feb 2024.  DNA is a designated organ procurement organization and a tissue and eye recovery organization that serves the entire state of Arizona. They focus on the procurement of organs as part of the transplant process. They help train the driver’s license registration offices about registering those who want to become an organ donor. This is the major point of donor registration. Their major function is to contact families of patients whose medical conditions make them candidates for organ and tissue donation. They help families through the decision making and grieving process. Helping families with ways to honor and remember their lives and donations is another area of focus.
For medical and situational reasons, only about 2% of registered organ donors become donors. Last year the Donor Network was made aware of 38,000 deaths, of which there were 340 donors, with a little more than 800 recipients. One important thing to remember. Hospitals and medical personnel cannot treat you as a donor just because of the donor designation/reminder on your driver’s license. Your name must be on the registry, you or someone with medical power of attorney must make it known.
Check the Donor Network of Arizona’s website, https://www.donatelifeaz.org/, to find out more about their work, including more information about becoming a donor, supporting donor families, and honoring the gifts of donors.  Julia's presentation can be found HERE.
Julia was followed by Christine Eisenfeld of Oro Valley, whose husband had a heart attack while riding his bicycle. He became an organ donor for a young man (at that time) in California. Chrstine, for a number of years, has supported the donor network by volunteering.  - Story by Amos Meyers
Kathleen Pickrel of the Terrance Pickrel Heart Fund also spoke to the club.
Kathleen’s husband Terrance had his first heart attack at age 43. In 2014, after several more heart attacks Terrance passed away. After becoming the social worker for transplant patients at Banner Kathleen saw a way to help patients and honor her husband. About two years ago she started the heart fund as a way to help, and honor her husband’s memory. The fund gives financial support to pre and post-transplant patients. Also, those using left ventricular assist devices (LVAD) as a bridge to transplant or as a final solution to heart problems. The current limit is $500 per patient in assistance. The hope is to increase it to $1,000 and provide “healthy heart” information and programs to low income members of the community.
One story she shared was about a gentleman, on the reservation, who had spent a lot on keeping his truck running, to go to medical appointments. Because of this his electric bill was in arrears. The power company was planning on turning off his electricity. He uses a LVAD device to assist his heart in pumping. The LVAD uses an externally rechargeable battery, which needs plugged in. The Pickrel Heart Fund was able to assist in resolving the problem. Kathleen's presentation can be found HERE and more info about her organization at https://heartfundaz.aplos.org/  - Story by Amos Meyers
PDG Michael Drake, the District 5500 Polio Plus Chair, brought us up to date on the history of polio and of Rotary's involvement in efforts to eradicate this terrible disease worldwide.
To view the slideshow from the presentation on 15 Feb, 2024 click HERE.  For more information about PolioPlus click HERE.
Our Club's primary fundraiser on Saturday, 30 March, is fast approaching!  Each club member is asked to sell at least 10 tickets to the event.  Please bring any ticket sales you have to Stacey ASAP so we can get an idea of our ticket sales!  If you haven't received your tickets to sell, need more tickets, or if you aren't signed up to help with this all-hands-on-deck project, please contact Dennis or Stacey immediately!  To see more about the event, see the website at Taste of Oro Valley Life - Home.  
The Club Meeting on 21 March will be dedicated to discussion about this critical club fundraising event, so please plan to attend!
To see a map of the venue, click HERE.
Image result for leap dayOn February 29 Amos and Charlene will be hosting a joint social event with the Rotary Clubs of Oro Valley and Dove Mountain. They are planning on starting with appetizers at 5PM and dinner to follow at 6PM. They will make the meat course, with a baked ham and meatballs with mushroom-onion gravy. An opportunity to sign up for appetizers, sides, salads, or deserts is available at Perfect Potluck. Be sure to read the email Amos sent out for details, including how to sign up to bring appetizers, sides, salads, or deserts if you are attending this potluck BYOB event! 
Chief Executive Officer of Interfaith Community Services ("ICS") Tom McKinney (center in photo) spoke to the club on 8 February about the organization, accompanied by two other ICS staff, Jorge Ruiz (rightmost in photo) and Renee Lewis (not pictured). The mission of ICS is to "provide pathways leading to more stable and self-sufficient lives".  They do this by providing emergency assistance, self-sufficiency programs, senior services and community health outreach.
Our Club President Linda and member Emily also presented them with a check for $4,000 as their share of the proceeds from our BNI Fashion Show collaboration. Deb Kinkel-Suraez (2nd from left in photo) of BNI 6 Figure $uccess was also on hand for the presentation. 
To view the slideshow from the presentation on 8 Feb, 2024 click HERE.  For more information about ICS click HERE.
Monique Perez, Family Education and Literacy Program Director for Make Way for Books, spoke to the club on 18 Jan 2024 about the mission and operation of her organization, which works "to give all children the chance to read and succeed."
To view her presentation, click HERE.  To see more about Make Way for Books, click HERE.
Southern Arizona Book Heroes founder, Jennifer Turner-Jones and her Board of Directors, accept a $4,000 donation from Rotary Club of Oro Valley president Linda Stratton and BNI 6Figure $uccess president Tommy Rompel. Proceeds came from the BNI Fashion Fusion fundraising event. 
At our 11 Jan 2024 Club Meeting, Grace Stocksdale, Executive Director and Founder, and Lara Iacobucci Paris, Director of Development, of More Than A Bed spoke to us about her organization, whose mission is to provide essential items to foster, kinship and adoptive families for the children in their homes including those in a congregate care setting.  They also asked to thank all the members and them to join them for one of their events:
Saturday January 27 time slots 12-12:30, 1-1:30, and 2-2:30 for lunch and a quick tour
Saturday May 25 @Sewailo for their golf tournament
To view the slideshow from the presentation on 11 Jan 2024 click HERE.  For more information on More Than A Bed click HERE
After receiving a call from Eva at BNI  to let her know that a wedding party at the Buttes at Reflections left about 30 or 40 poinsettias behind, our intrepid Club President Linda rallied and led the troops (Gary, Emily, Gary's wife Janet and Leo to go pick them up and deliver them to the Mountain View Care Center, just in time to help brighten this local nursing home's New Year!
We had about 17 Club and family members signed up for our participation in the annual Wreaths Across America event, and the Club also sponsored a number of wreaths for laying at the gravesites at the Arizona Veterans' Memorial Cemetery at Marana on Saturday, 16 December 2023.  "Remember, Honor, Teach.  Remember the fallen. Honor those who serve. Teach the next generation the value of freedom. It’s the mission of Wreaths Across America."  Photos by Jim Nook
Taste of Oro Valley Life
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Taste of Oro Valley Life event,
or for ticket refunds click HERE!
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Arizona Heroes Memorial
Arizona Heroes Memorial

Arizona Heroes Memorial 

"We have more than 400,000 veterans,  active military, and first responders in Southern AZ alone. These men  and women, fallen and living, had and still have a critical role in both  past and present conflicts. Despite their sacrifices, the individuals  often have not received the recognition they deserve. 


A group of Arizonans  recognized the need for a special place in which to honor, remember and  memorialize our veterans and first responders. The memorial will be a  picturesque venue where visitors, residents, and schoolchildren can  learn about the services these men and women give. The Memorial will be a  hallowed place honoring those brave, outstanding individuals who have  dedicated their lives to ensuring our values and security. The Memorial  is unique to all of Arizona. "

Diana Charbonneau, Learning Facilitator
Apr 25, 2024 7:00 AM
Tucson Electric Power
Tim, Linda, Sheree
May 02, 2024 7:30 AM
Guatemala Trip Presentation
Rita Pollak
May 09, 2024 7:00 AM
Center for Community Mediation and Facilitation
David Gordon, Executive Director
May 16, 2024 7:00 AM
Special Needs Solutions
Ed Sakwa, CEO
May 23, 2024 7:00 AM
Emerge Center Against Domestic Abuse
Jamie Snyder, CEO
May 30, 2024 7:00 AM
Our Family Services
Casa de los Niños
Jun 06, 2024 7:00 AM
Presentation & Shoe Service Project
Bruce Grant
Jun 13, 2024 7:00 AM
RC Prince Frederick Water and Sanitation Project at La Paz
Member Bio Day - Caryl & Maria
Jun 20, 2024 7:00 AM
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"Pass the Torch" Club End-of-Year Social
Jun 27, 2024
Celebrate the club's accomplishments for the year & welcome the new club leadership! Details coming.
Jul 04, 2024
Happy Independence Day!
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Sean McClintock
Apr 11, 2024 7:30 AM
Parent Aid Fatherhood Support Facilitator
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